… Now that the „greatest of all living analogies of above and below” is living in our midst, the soul has the possibility already between birth and death to prepare itself for the union with this exalted Sun-Being here on the earth. The aim of modern Christian Hermeticism is therefore to create a living relationship here on the earth to that Community of Inspiration which is centered around this exalted I AM being.  


… The living stream of Hermeticism will touch and guide the pupil through his life by guiding him to the insights and experiences necessary for his individual life.

… Valentin Tomberg also calls this hermetic openness and receptivity of will FAITH. Through faith in this sense the pupil becomes capable of being touched by intuitions:

… „Hermeticism lives by intuition alone. Without it Hermeticism would be dead. It was this dead affair that was recognized by the exponents of faith and science who truly marveled to find that there were people who took it seriously. They only saw a kind of scientific and religious fools-gold in it – or at most a weak faith that had need of crutches lent to it from science, or else a childlike science that has not yet learnt to tell the difference between what one believes and what one knows. And they were not mistaken: Without the cement of intuition Hermeticism would be nothing other than an improvised composition of the heterogeneous elements of science and religion.” (19th letter, „The Sun“; „Meditations on the Tarot“)  


… Because the actual deed and the preceding intuition carry such importance in Hermeticism its forms of representation tend to be symbolic.

… „In a way they (the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot) depict 22 spiritual exercises through which you, dear unknown friend, will be able to dive into the stream of the living tradition and hence enter the Community of Beings who have served and continue to serve it.” (Meditaions on the Tarot”; Foreword).