Willi Seiß

Born in Stuttgart in 1922,
Willi Seiß has developed concise knowledge regarding anthroposophy and Christian esotericism.

He founded the Brachenreuthe school community on Lake Constance, from which the Camphill Movement in Germany was established.
He has significantly contributed to the development of “Helixor”, a mistletoe medicament used in the treatment of cancer, as well as in the founding of the "Helixor GmbH" in Marburg.

Willi Seiß is known for his numerous lectures and seminars on Rudolf Steiner’s path of schooling.

Beginning in the early 70’s, he has untiringly concerned himself with the task of publishing  the works of Valentin Tomberg, both to provide a proper context for that work, and to protect it from defamation and abuse. To this end, he founded the Achamoth Verlag in 1982.

In 1997 he founded the Free High School on Lake Constance (Freie Hochschule am Bodensee / FHaB) to foster the care and study of the knowledge of Initiation through lectures, seminars and study groups. Before the close of the 20th century, he commenced with publishing spiritual knowledge about the development of the human, soul-spiritual organs – the chakra knowledge. In addition to his literary work, Willi Seiß is also active as a lecturer, adviser and counselor.

Through intense engagement with the works of  Hieronymus Bosch the painter, he has been able to interpret the esoteric imaginative language of Bosch in concepts applicable to our time; linking Bosch’s work  both with the spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner and the Christian Hermeticism of Valentin Tomberg.

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