The Anthroposophical-Hermetic publisher’s outlet specializing in the works of Valentin Tomberg und Willi Seiß!

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About the ACHAMOTH Press

The Achamoth Press was founded by Willy Seiß for the express purpose of publishing the works of Valentin Tomberg. Tomberg’s writings and lectures are based on Rudolf Steiner’s Spiritual Science and seek to deepen the content and implications of R. Steiner’s Christology.

The Achamoth Press also publishes other authors that reference Valentin Tomberg and/or Rudolf Steiner’s life work. The list includes Willy Seiß, who in writings and lectures sought to rehabilitate Tomberg’s name and place his work in its well-earned Spiritual-Scientific context.

Willy Seiß’s Chakra-Work, a loose-leaf series presently composed of 37 twenty-page instalments, builds an important part of the collection. The series deepens Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophical-Rosecrutian path of inner development through an exploration of the Chakras from an Esoteric-Christian perspective.