A warm welcome!

The Free Hermetic-Christian Study Center at the Lake of Constance (Freie Hermetisch-Christliche Studienstätte am Bodensee / FHaB) offers its services primarily to activities that promote experience-based spiritual research.

Willi Seiß, FHaB’s founder, established the Free Study Center to serve the work of Rudolf Steiner in a free spiritual context. He thereby also established a platform from which his own research, based on the Christian-Rosicrucian schooling taught by Rudolf Steiner, could reach an independent community of Steiner’s pupils. In addition, a connection with the Christian-Hermetic work of Valentin Tomberg was also establish, through which, Tomberg’s work has been made publicly available.

The ACHAMOTH publishing company (ACHAMOTH-Verlag & TombergBooks.com) publishes the works of Valentin Tomberg, the literary works of Willi Seiß, and other publications related to the literary work of Tomberg.

FHaB seminars take place at irregular intervals, depending on opportunity and demand. Please refer to the homepage announcements.