The metal lead

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As an example of the effect of metallic force currents here was given a presentation on the metal lead:

Lead is the basic component of all Seiss-Elements for Health & Protection, because the human being must be “earthed” by lead, but in such a way that the divine-spiritual world can still be hard. Lead was the first “differentiation” of man. That is to say, the stream of force of spiritual lead individualized the human being at the time of the first planetary stage of development (“Old Saturn”), so that he distinguishes himself from the divine-spiritual world, in order to be able to develop himself further, independently.

Lead was, nevertheless, subject to the working of the “Mother-spirit” – and of course this is still the case – so that the human being could still at that time be carried by the power of the Mother. Through the encounter with the Asuric-Ahrimanic dross – or in Rudolf Steiner’s words, with the “spirit of gravity” – the spiritual stream of force of gold was for the first time “modified” for the purpose of differentiation, as we said above. This process was carried forward in the subsequent planetary stages of development.


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