Renaming of the FHaB – formerly the "Freie Hochschule am Bodensee"


Dear friends and interested parties of the FHaB!

The FHaB was founded as "Freie Hochschule am Bodensee", Free High School at the Lake of Constance.

At hand of a letter of 29.10.2010 from the „Ministery of Science, Research and Art in  Baden-Württemberg“ (das "Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg") in Stuttgart, the FHaB has been notified that use of the term „High School“ („Hochschule“) by educational institutions which are not accredited by the state is illegal and to be considered as an administrative offense.

Our appeal against this decision, regarding our High School that has existed since 1997, which included also a legal inquiry led to no result. In order to be spared a law suit before the Federal Court of Justice we have decided in future to rename the FHaB as follows:


"Freie Hermetisch-Christliche Studienstätte am Bodensee"
(Free Hermetic-Christian Study Center at the Lake of Constance)


whereby the abbreviation FHaB can be retained.

In this way the lawgiver is paid his due.

We thank you for your understanding,
Willi Seiß