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Tomberg on the Foundationstone meditation by Rudolf Steiner
Preface by Valentin Tomberg to his work,
„The Foundation Stone Meditation by Rudolf Steiner“, November 1936, Tallin (Reval)

„The Foundation Stone was given to the members of the then renewed General Anthroposophical Society by Rudolf Steiner as its spiritual foundation stone during the Christmas Conference 1923/24. The author of this study has for eleven years now not only considered it the foundation stone of all his anthroposophical work, but has also striven to make it the foundation stone of all his work in speech and writing. Whichever work he had to perform was undertaken in accordance with the Foundation Stone meditation. This proved to be of immeasurable help. And this booklet is meant as a token of the gratitude for that help. It is to be an expression of gratitude towards Rudolf Steiner.“ (Die Grundsteinmeditaton Rudolf Steiners [19], Schönach 2. Auflage 1994, S. 9)


[18] The Foundation Stone Meditation by Rudolf Steiner

Download (PDF, 115 kB)

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