Tomberg's excerpt of his life in words

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Tombergs request to Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy
A letter to Rudolf Steiner, 28.07.1920


„Dear Doctor!

Three years ago I entered the Russian Theosophical Society indicating the Culture of the Spirit as my aim. However, I was not able to come to terms with the Theosophical one-sidedness and especially not with the lack of reserve in the suppression of every free act of thinking prevailing there. On the other hand your writings (“How is knowl.”, “Occult Sci.”, “Theos.”, “A Road.” a.o.) showed me that another movement exists next to the Theosophical where precisely that is to be found, which I sorely missed in Theosophy: Consideration for the requirements of reason and the uniqueness of the individuality.

This is the reason that I now turn to Anthroposophy. The reason, however, that I turn to you with the request that I be admitted into your circle of pupils – for this alone is of import – is the following: Since 1917 I have performed the meditation exercises recommended by you (in the writings, “How is kn.”, “A Road.”, “Occult Sci.”, “The Threshold.”)  at which the results have not failed to appear. This latter fact convinced me that indeed it is no charlatanism, - that you are really in possession of knowledge of the matters you address. At the same time I was also admonished that the landscape I want to enter is a dangerous one.

I expressly do not wish to share the fate of the young mountain cattle of which Buddha tells that went on a search for new pastures and meadows in unknown mountain regions and plunged into an abyss.

These two circumstances - the trust in you and the earnestness concerning what I intend to do – have led me to address you, dear Doctor.


Valentin Tomberg“

(Seiß, W., Untersuchungen zu Rudolf Steiners Schulungswerk und den Erkenntnisquellen Valentin Tombergs [15], 1. Buchausgabe Schönach 2001, S. 7)

[15] Research concerning the Path of Schooling of Rudolf Steiner and the Source of the Knowledge of Valentin Tomberg

Download (PDF, 115 kB)

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